Thank you for taking the time to submit your votes and comments on the various discussion items that were outstanding. We have a total of 10 board members. As President, I didn't vote and we didn't get any response at all from one member. In other words, a total of eight voting members, out of nine, replied.


All of the proposals were passed by a majority vote of our Board Members. They will now be used to guide club decisions moving forward.


Below is a summary of the comments that were submitted during this process (in red), as well as my reply to each. These are being provided for information purposes only, so that everyone's views are shared.

If any board members ever want to make changes to these items or bring up any new items for discussion, please make a motion and have it seconded by another member. (via email to, to the board member group)

Overdue Fees from Previous Years
Passed with 8/9 vote

  • The club is going to write-off the $1,037.96

    • Paul has already made a significant effort to collect, with no luck

    • It's not from last season. It's from 2-3 year ago.

    • Player no longer lives in Yellowknife.

    • We only know the balance that's due. We don't even know exactly what it's for (i.e. what fees vs what was paid against it.

    • ​The club will be open to collecting this again, at a future date, should this player ever want to play in the Potential Volleyball Club again?


  • I believe we should still look at trying to collect the 1037.96. However, we can write off for now and not budget on it.

  • A payment plan is already in place for the $903.86

    • A payment plan has been organised with the player’s Mother to recover these fees ($150/month over 6 months)

    • She is going to apply to KidSport and Jumpstart to help with this year’s club registration. Once proof is provided that applications have been submitted to those agencies, we'll work out a payment plan for the balance, to be paid out as quickly as possible, but no later than April 2019.

  • The club is going to write-off the $0.70

    • Amount is insignificant​​

Fundraising Credits

Passed with 8/9 vote

  • Any player that has fundraising credits remaining and they don’t return to Potential the following season, the funds automatically get transferred to a brother/sister in the club. 

  • If there is a reason for the absence and advanced-notice is provided (medical condition, school exchange etc) funds stay in their name until they are medically cleared or can no longer play.

  • Otherwise, money goes to the club and the board decides how to allocate the funds.

  • Fundraising money is always interchangeable between siblings (i.e. Jane Doe has $400 to her credit and her sister is travelling to Calgary next month. The family can request that the $400 be used for the sister's travel)

Players with Money Trouble

Passed with 8/9 vote

  • If families are having difficulty paying the club fees and/or travel costs, it is their responsibility to bring this to the attention of the club, either through their coach, a board member, email to the club etc.

  • The family applies to Kid Sport and Jumpstart first

    • Club secretary will help them fill in the forms, if they wish

  • Once they provide proof that they've applied, the club will work out a payment plan that works for both the club and the family

    • Any payment plan would need to have balance paid in full before a similar plan is entered into for travel

    • Exceptions can be granted, with board approval

  • The club should not bail them out by using excess revenue or reducing the fees

  • These families should not be given priority on the fundraising

  • The player should also be encouraged to find a local business to sponsor that individual player. (Adopt-a-Player) Potential will promote that sponsor on Facebook, Instagram and on the club's website


  • Food for thought: What proof of applying to KidSport or JumpStart will be accepted?

President's Reply:​

  • This is all new to us. We'll figure it out as we go. I would expect something from either agency would be sufficient. (A copy of the email confirming receipt of their application?)

Fee Structure

Passed with 7/9 vote

  • There should be one set fee for everything. (Don't split club fees from clothing fees). It's important that all kids have the same gear.

  • The club will continue to look for a corporate sponsor 

  • Clothing is expensive, but necessary. It gives the club a presence.

    • Wearing the stuff around town sparks interest in younger players who might consider joining when they’re old enough.

    • Look/feel like a team when travelling.

  • Clothing is different every year (1) based on what's available with the supplier, but also (2) new designs/colors keeps the club member's looking "fresh" by getting something new each year. Not getting gear one year because you have something similar from last year is not an option. Everyone needs to look the same and feel included.

  • Some families/players don't understand what's needed when looking for volleyball footwear. As this is an expensive item and brands/style tastes vary, the club will not include shoes in our "gear" package. Instead, we will post useful information on our website and the coaches can be available to discuss further with people, if necessary.


  • In agreement yes. Possibly look at sponsor/partnership with Canuckstuff or Volleyballstuff (suppliers) if we advertise on our site they can get a discount code or something to order shoes online? 

  • I would like to suggest additional clothing that can be purchased for more than just athletes! (tshirts, sweaters, sweatpants)! 

  • I agree ENTIRELY with team uniformity and I'd agree with all of the above, except the "no splitting fees and having gear from previous year is not an option," if new year's game jerseys can be obtained in the EXACT same style (but ONLY the exact same style). I also don't believe that a player needs 6-10 Potential t-shirts that still fit. I don't see the need (outside of availability) to change the team's look each year, especially if it can keep fees lower for would-be players. I realize it may be tougher logistically but, in a general sense, I believe we need to look at ways to make club participation more affordable.

President's Reply:​

  • The club will look at keeping the costs down as much as possible. Affordability and participation is our first priority. We'll do this by continuing to try and secure club sponsors, appealing to clothing suppliers for discounts and not requiring members to purchase the exact same items as in previous years. As mentioned though, it's not very often that we're able to duplicate an order from one year to the next. We have 40+ athletes that we need to clothe, in a variety of sizes. What we order depends largely on what the supplier has available.

  • We hope to be able to make it possible for parents to order items as well.

Due Date for Fees

Passed with 8/9 vote

  • The club will ask for club fees to be paid:

    • November 15th (minimum 50%), balance due January 15th

    • Those who haven't paid in full by December 15th will get a formal reminder of the balance due

    • Those who haven't paid in full by January 15th will get a formal reminder of the balance due

  • Families that are having financial difficulties (see "Players with Money Trouble" above) will be given an opportunity to enter into an extended payment plan that works for them and the club.

  • Families with multiple children playing in the club will be given an opportunity to enter into an extended payment plan that works for them and the club.


  • But what are consequences of non-payment by deadlines?

President's Reply:​

  • We work with the  family to find out what the issue is. Worst-case-scenario, coaches are informed and that player is no longer allowed to play in the club.

  • Team travel starts around this time. Player may not be able to travel if not paid in full? We'll cross that bridge (as a board) when we get there.

Tree of Peace Bingo Coordinator Benefits

Passed with 8/9 vote

  • The club will keep the existing arrangement in place with Dianne Lafferty, in exchange for her coordinating Tree of Peace Bingos for the club.

    • Waive club fees for her daughter, Denae

    • Provide $200/bingo towards Denae's fundraising credits

  • Over the course of this season, Dianne will train 1-2 people on how to do this so they can assume this responsibility.

    • Dianne has also hinted that she may just keep doing this even after Denae is finished with Potential. It's a social thing for her and she enjoys doing it. Still, it would be good to have 1-2 other people trained to do this, just in case.

  • Tree of Peace Bingos pay workers a guaranteed $100/night for 5 hours...approx. $20/hour

  • Tree of Peace Bingos bring in revenue for the club. The exact amount varies drastically.

Benefits for Other Fundraising Coordinators

The board reviewed this with the exclusion of Karen and Catherine as this directly affects them.​

Passed with 7/9 vote

  • The club will disburse the proceeds of each grocery bagging event as follows (numbers in brackets show approximately what this would have worked out to after all events, last season):​

    • 3% to the club​ ($260)

    • 2% to the grocery bagging coordinator's fundraising credit ($175)

    • The remaining amount will be divided up by total man-hours worked and then shared according to each person's contribution to that day's fundraising activity.

  • The club will disburse revenue from each Elk's TV Bingo as follows (numbers in brackets show current numbers):

    • 38% to the club ($95)

    • 20% to each worker ($50)​

      • This brings the value of hours worked more in-line with regular bingo

        • Elk's TV Bingo = $25/hour​

        • Tree of Peace Bingo = $20/hour

    • 2% to the Elk's TV Bingo coordinator's fundraising credit ($5)​

  • Ad hoc should not get any benefit unless it's time consuming/complicated. Executive will decide on a case-by case basis


  • I feel that we have to inform parents of what the earnings from TV bingo amount.  ($50 as opposed to the $75 that is allotted by other groups)

  • The Elks TV Bingo change should go into effect on the next round of bingos as people may have signed up for the November bingos with the expectation of receiving $75.  It's only fair to give people notice of the change in bingos as the issue of money received from bingos is controversial and I already hear complaints about money received from bingos.

President's Reply:​

  • The club will pay it's TV Bingo workers the expected $75 for previous events.

  • This new format will come into effect at the next TV Bingo (November 2019). We'll definitely inform our members of the change to all fundraising events ASAP. 

  • Offering as much fundraising money as possible in the accounts of our members is nice, but at the same time, the club needs revenue as well. 

Policy Writing

Catherine Janz has offered to write some policies!


  • Finance Policy

  • Administration/Board Policy (AGM, Board Member elections etc.)

  • Player/Volunteer/Coach Code of conduct Policy

  • Travel Policy 

  • Harassment Policy

  • Safe sport Policy (can be found on sport north and encompasses a few of the above in one policy


  • Not sure what to call it, but I'd like to see a "minimal fundraising hours" for players, even for coaches' kids and Denae. I believe it builds character and is team-building. However, most of the higher amounts that can be earned are from bingos which many of the kids cannot participate in. In principle, I'd just as soon pay from my current wages as work more hours. I believe the kids should be REQUIRED to help pay through fundraising, even if only a few hours.

President's Reply:​

  • The other volleyball club in town (Crush) has lower fees partly because they require members to participate in mandatory fundraising events (i.e. 50/50 draw) and fund-raise a specified amount per player. In my short time with Potential, I get the impression that most members aren't interested in this approach. Definitely too late in the season to discuss for this year.

  • We can definitely look at this as a board, for next year

  • Members of the two older teams (16U and 18U) are able to participate in fundraising activities:

    • Any of the members can participate in grocery bagging activities. There is no age restriction there. 

    • TV Bingo and Tree of Peace Bingo workers need to be 16 years of age or older.

  • Purdy's chocolate sales can be done by members of any age

Players with Parent Coaches - Fees

The board reviewed this with the exclusion of Darren and Ron as this directly affects them.

Passed with 8/9 vote

  • The Potential Volleyball Club will waive the annual club membership fees for children of head coaches

  • The Potential Volleyball Club will waive 50% of the annual club membership fees for children of assistant coaches