Frequently Asked Questions

Do all athletes travel to every tournament?

Not necessarily – Potential Volleyball travels with 8-10 athletes per tournament (for out-of-town). Factors affecting ability to travel include, but are not limited to: * Team positional needs – we can’t take six left-side players; we need to have a balanced roster to ensure all positions are covered; * An athlete’s availability; * An athlete’s attendance throughout the season; and * An athlete’s work ethic throughout the season.

Are the coaches paid to coach?

Our coaches are not paid for their time and effort. They are compensated by having their travel costs covered through club fundraising efforts and a portion of the tournament fees each travelling player pays when we go to out-of-town tournaments. We believe that coaches need to be compensated for their tireless efforts to bring the best possible programming to our young athletes. Without coaches, youth sport could not exist. We're very lucky to have the quality coaches that we have in Potential Volleyball!

What happens if I decide to quit part way through the season?

Sometimes, things come up or we just decide we want to do something different. We understand that. If you decide to leave the club before the end of the season, we ask that you please contact your coach and let them know ASAP. Once a player has committed to participate with Potential and has paid club fees, it is assumed by the club that the player will continue playing throughout the season. The club has committed registration fees, equipment, uniforms, warm-ups and gym time and other expenses that are not recoverable in the event the athlete quits the club and will be a financial burden to the remaining members of the team. It is our policy that if a player withdraws from the team after being selected, the player will not be provided a refund. Money earned through fundraising can be applied to expenses for the club season, however if an athlete does not return the next season, or leaves before the season is over, any money in their account will go into the club pot to help cover costs incurred by the club.

When are fees due?

There is no cost to tryout for any of our teams. Fees are only paid if you are selected. Fees can be paid in full or broken up and paid over a couple of months. The deadline to have all fees paid in full is outlined on our " Fees" page.

What exactly do club fees cover?

The Potential Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization. Fees are charged to recover its costs. Fees are dependent somewhat on the number of players on each team, since many of the costs are fixed, and therefore spread across a number of players on a team. Our " Fees" page outlines what is covered (and what is not covered) by the club fees.

If we can't afford the registration fees, is there somewhere we can go for financial assistance?

Athletes who need finanicial assistance are encouraged to apply with fiancial assistance programs sich as Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the NWT chapter of KidSport.

Do I have to attend every tryout session?

No. Generally we reccomend that all athletes attempt to prticipate in as many camps as possible. Doing so will allow coaches to get to know the players better and improve their chances of being selected for a team.

Where are tournaments held?

Volleyball Alberta is kind enough to let us participate in their annual "Premier" series of tournaments. Each year, there are usually three tournaments in that series and then their Provincial Championships (which they also allow us to attend). Those events are generally held in Edmonton or Calgary, but they have also been held in smaller outlying communities as well. Our teams also try and attend the Volleyball Canada Nationals each year. The loaction for those varies across Canada, from year-to-year. In 2019 the Nationals are being held in Edmonton, for ages 15U and older. An annoncement about the younger age divisions is expected soon.

Are coaches screened?

Yes. Potential Volleyball Club coaches must pass a criminal records check, including vulnerable sector background checks.

Are coaches certified?

The head coaches for each of our Potential Volleyball Club teams are certified. This allows us to ensure our athletes get quality training in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Alberta Volleyball and Volleyball Canada also require all coaches to be certified in order for our Potential teams to participate in their sanctioned events (i.e. Premier series and the Nationals).

Is Potential Volleyball Club a member of a recognized youth volleyball association?

Volleyball NT is the official Territorial Sport Organization (TSO) for the Northwet Territories. Volleyball NT is recognized by Volleyball Canada (the National Sport Organization for volleyball) as the official TSO.

Potential's affiliation with Volleyball NT and Volleyball Canada affords numerous advantages for our membership including Territorial, Provincial and National championships, coaching certification and education, member insurance and many other benefits.

What if I have other commitments including other school sports, community sports, arts and/or school work?

We believe in academics first, school sports and other school activities second, club volleyball third. If you have homework, that takes precedence over club volleyball. If you have a conflict with a school sport or activity, that takes precedence as well. If you have a conflict with a community sports activity, we would ask that you advise us well in advance, so we are aware you will not be available. We like to work with the other sports groups, allowing you to play both sports if you can handle it. However, every practice is important. If you miss too many practices, you may have a tough time when called upon to play, as you will fall behind the rest of your teammates. Further, others who have made the commitment may get more playing time. The older you get, the harder it is for coaches to give players court time that haven't been to enough practices and games.

What kind of equipment does my son or daughter need to play?

We highly recommend purchasing a quality pair of volleyball shoes. Brands to consider are Asics, Mizuno, Adidas and Nike. Make sure they are designed for indoor court use and/or "volleyball" shoes. Prices range from $90 to $150 a pair. Knee pads are also highly recommended and are included in your annual club gear package. For players who are older, we recommend they purchase an ankle support device. This apparatus will reduce the risk of ankle injuries. The most popular brand, Active Ankles, are available through sports medicine stores and some sports stores. Prices range from $40 to $60 each ($80 to $120 per pair).

I’m not sure I’m good enough – should I try out?

Absolutely! Coaches – particularly with our younger teams – look for more than just pure volleyball skill in making selections. Our coaches are experienced enough to see the possibilities and are trained to be able to develop players to reach their potential. Keep in mind that even if you are not selected this year, you will gain valuable experience and get an idea of what you can work on for next season.

Are there opportunities for fundraising?

We have a group of amazing volunteers that help our club, by organizing fundraising events such as bingos (live and TV) and grocery bagging. When these opportunities come up, they will let everyone know the details and invite people to sign up. These activities are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis!

The more activities you participate in, the more you'll earn. We've had past players cover all of their expenses for the year, just from fundraising!