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Potential Volleyball Club 2023/2024 Fees

The Potential Volleyball Club is a registered non-profit organization with the Government of the Northwest Territories. The fees that each athlete pay are calculated by the costs for items listed below. The difference in fees is due to the teams having different expenses such as clothing, tournament entry fees (events in Yellowknife) number of practices, etc.

The Potential Volleyball Club  does not require parents or athletes to fundraise for the club. We have an incredible group of volunteers who coordinate various fundraising events, year-round. Players/parents are always encouraged to participate in those activities to help subsidize these costs.

Registration Fees Will be announced after the AGM (TBA)


Fees include:

  • Gym rental

  • Uniforms and gear 

  • Tournament fees (When hosted by the Club)

  • Administrative Expenses, such as:

    • Website​

    • Banking Fees

  • Coach membership registration

    • Volleyball NT

    • Volleyball Canada

  • Coach education

  • Equipment​

Fees DO NOT include:

  • Tournament Expenses, such as:

    • Airfare​

    • Hotel

    • Rental Car

    • Tournament Registration

    • Coaches Travel Costs

  • Player Membership Fees 

    • Volleyball NT​

    • Volleyball Canada

Financial Assistance

Athletes needing financial assistance to help cover the cost of club fees are encouraged to explore the following amazing financial resources:

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