Fundraising Events

The Potential Volleyball Club has a group of dedicated volunteers who coordinate various fundraising events for the entire club to share in. When the events come available, the respective coordinator will send out an email to the entire club, with the details. Spots are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to earn credit towards your annual club fees and travel costs!

General Information About Our Fundraising Activities...

Bingos at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre

Coordinator: Dianne Lafferty ( Our club has the opportunity to occasionally work bingos at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre. Some of these bingos are organized by our own club. Others are organized by Volleyball NT or some other group and they've asked us to work the bingo for them. Either way, each worker: * Must be at the Tree of Peace by 4:30pm (unless otherwise stated) * Stay at the bingo until it is over and you've been cleared to leave (usually around 9:30pm) * At the beginning, you'll help sell bingo tickets and/or nevadas at the counter. Later on, you'll need to walk around and check winning bingos (very easy) and also sell nevada tickets *Each person working will receive a $100 credit towards their child's Potential Volleyball Club fees.

Elk's TV Bingos

Coordinator: Karen Carroll ( Elk's TV bingos are worked by our club as often as we can get dates. They're often assigned in one-month blocks, with our club being offered a specific day for that month (i.e. every Monday in March). * Three (3) workers are needed for each date -> Two (2) at the Elk's Club basement, answering phones​ to verify winning bingos. -> One (1) at the Tree of Peace, selling tickets. * Each worker needs to be at their assigned location by a certain time -> At the Elk's Club by 5:00 pm -> At the Tree of Peace by 5:15pm * Elk's TV Bingos are usually over at around 7:00pm * Each person working these bingos will earn a $50 credit towards their child's Potential Volleyball Club fees.

Grocery Bagging

Coordinator: Catherine Janz ( Grocery bagging dates are made available at various times during the year, by the respective grocery stores. (Yellowknife Coop and Trevor's Independent Grocer) * During a work-shift, you will offer to bag random customer's groceries for them. * Donation bins are placed at each till for people to donate whatever amount they would like to. * Total profits for that day are added up and divided by the total man-hours worked. * Each person working, will earn their proportional share of the profits, as a credit towards your child's Potential Volleyball Club fees.

Check back often - We're expecting more events to be added soon!!